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Bucket Pumps and Grease Fillers

Bucket Pumps and Grease Gun Fillers

Portable unit for high pressure lubrication direct to bearing. Output: 2.5cc per stroke. Maximum pressure 4000psi (260bar).


Heavy duty bucket pump for 12.5kg keg. Kit includes pump, steel lid, follower plate, 2 metres of high pressure hose, hand stem with shut-off valve and 4 jaw hydraulic connector.

£ 164.17


As above but to suit 20kg keg.

£ 169.50


As above but to suit 50kg keg.

£ 204.68


Standard bucket pump for 12.5kg keg. Kit includes pump, steel lid, follower plate, high pressure hose, hand stem and hydraulic connector.

£ 59.98

Mini Bucket Pumps with Refillable Container Easy to carry around

The grease gun gives 30 shots when primed with one press of the foot plunger. Two pressure settings are available through a simple switch, 'high volume' delivers approx. 1.25gms, 'high pressure' delivers approx. 0.45gm at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar).


5kg heavy duty bucket pump includes container with lid, follower plate, 1.5 metres of high pressure hose and gun with rigid tube and hydraulic connector. Pump assembly is fully sealed to keep grease free from contamination.

£ 261.50


As above but for 3kg tins

£ 355.13

Grease Gun Filler Pumps The most efficient method of filling grease guns

Refill your grease gun in less than a minute, output approx 50ccm/stroke. Messless, trouble-free filling of manual or air-operated grease guns. Avoids air pockets and impurities. For greases up to NLGI grade 2. We can supply fillers to suit most keg sizes


Grease gun filler pump for 12.5kg kegs. With lid and follower plate (keg not included).

£ 68.98

Multi-Pressure Volume Pump for Heavy Oil or Self-Collapsing Grease

For lubricating heavy duty agricultural equipment and earth moving machinery. 16 Litre capacity steel leak proof container. Oval shape makes it easy to carry.


3 lever positions giving maximum pressures ranging from 175 to 350 bar and with deliveries of 20, 15 or 10 grams per stroke, depending on the lever position selected. Complete with 1.5 m high pressure hose and hydraulic connector.

£ 305.54

Heavy Duty Foot Operated Grease Pump

For the greasing of construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment with a sturdy and portable 5kg steel leak proof container.


Foot pedal action for hands free operation. Spring loaded follower plate and cast iron pump mechanism. For greases up to NLGI 2. Delivers 2cc/pedal stroke at up to 500bar. With air bleed valve, 2M high pressure hose, hyd. connector and carrying handle.

£ 273.00