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Lubrication Systems

We have a wide range of equipment for Oil and Grease Lubrication Systems.

Efficiency and reliability with flexibility

A feature common to all our lubrication systems is flexibility. For each lubrication system, the standard ranges of pumps, fittings and accessories have been carefully selected so that the greatest possible number of configurations is possible to cope with almost any given lubrication task.

Thus special lubrication systems can be built up from Off-the-Shelf lubrication components.

This approach gives high efficiency and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

Lubrication Systems

Whilst Stephens Lubrication offer a wide range of Lubrication Systems, four basic systems are generally used by most companies where high standards of lubrication are applied. These four systems which are usually referred to as 'preferred' lubrication systems are:

1. Single Line Metered for oil only.

2. Single Line Positive Displacement for oil only.

3. Single Line Progressive for oil and grease.

4. Dual Line for oil and grease up to grade 2 (under certain conditions a

grade 3 grease may be used).

These lubrication systems also conform to accepted British and International Standards.

The Stephens range also includes Multi-Outlet Lubricators, Gear Pumps, and Oil Recirculating Units.

Downloads available below.

Series 01 (1.6Mb) Series 06 (1Mb) Fittings and Accessories (2Mb)